Assessment and Programming for Weightlifting Exercises

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Assessment and Programming of Weightlifting Exercises – Elite Livestream

Instructor: Pieter de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, MTC, FMS-C

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Length: 60 minutes


More and More people are lifting weights, in gyms and in Crossfit boxes. Do you know how to breakdown a squat or a deadlift? What do you tell your patients that want to keep lifting while they have pain? This course will discuss how to assess and correct basic weightlifting movements. Through video analysis you will identify corrective exercises for each lift and gain a broad understanding of how to program weightlifting and related exercises. You will finish with improved knowledge and skills in the evidence-informed treatment and assessment of patients that engage in weightlifting activities.


  1. Discuss assessment of common weightlifting activities using 3 step method
  2. Identify corrective exercises for common weightlifting activities
  3. Discuss exercise selection, based a movement assessment
  4. Categorize proper exercise intensity and programming for weightlifting related exercises


  • Learning objectives (10 minutes)
  • 3 step assessment method (15 minutes)
    • Watch the exercise
    • Assess mobility
    • Re-Assess exercise with modifications as needed
  • Weightlifting activities reviewed (15 minutes)
    • Back Squat
    • Front Squat
    • Deadlift
    • Overhead press
    • Pullups
  • Programming (15 minutes)
  • Research (5 minutes)

Pieter de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, MTC, FMS-C owns and operates reset Wellness physical therapy in Houston TX. He specializes in manual therapy using an evidence-based approach to treating movement dysfunction. A native of the Netherlands Dr. de Smidt was trained under the tutelage of doctor Stanley Paris at the University of Saint Augustine where he received his manual therapy certification. The combination of his international experience, clinical expertise and personality make him one of the most sought-after instructors in the United States.