Human Resource Management Systems and Development

About the Course:
In this course, we examine human resources management and information. We identify components of a human resources program and describes contents of an employee handbook. We also discuss job descriptions and review governmental requirements in hiring, training, supervising, and terminating employees. We examine performance planning and evaluation and discuss a progressive disciplinary system. We also briefly consider communications and customer relations within a community association.

This course is divided into two parts: Part 1 outlines the essentials and effectiveness of a human resource management system; Part 2 outlines employment governance issues.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the components of a human resources management system.
  • Describe the contents of an employee handbook.
  • Understand the importance of a job description.
  • Learn about the consideration of remote workers.
  • Identify the employee recruiting, screening, and selection process.
  • Understand the difference between employees who are salaried (exempt), hourly (non-exempt), and independent contractors.
  • Recognize the legal and governmental requirements in hiring, training, supervising and terminating employees.
  • Understanding performance planning and evaluation and how it relates to the ability of the community association to meet its objectives.
  • Know the steps in a progressive disciplinary system.
  • Identify the elements of effective customer service. 
  • Understand the requirements of effective communication between employees, directors, vendors, and members.
  • Understand ADA requirements in the workplace. 
  • Describe organizational and corporate culture and values.
  • Recognize the importance of ethical behavior in community associations.
  • Recognize harassment and discrimination and how to handle them. 
  • Identify OSHA requirements.

About the Author: 
Laura Matijak, Program Director, Community Association Manager, Instructor, received her CAM (CAM 23249) license in 2001. She has worked as both a portfolio manager and an onsite manager, manager for a client association. Since 2004, she has achieved four National designations in the industry Certified Manager of Community Associations; Association Management Specialist; Professional Community Association Manager; and Florida Legislative Alliance Delegate. Ms. Matijak has a B.A. and a M.S. (Human Resource Development and Administration and Organizational Leader-ship), both from Barry University. Ms. Matijak served as an adjunct professor for adult education at Barry University, from 2005 to 2012, conducting courses for individuals seeking both graduate and undergraduate degrees in Human Resource Management; Human Resource Development; Public Administration; and Organizational Leadership. She also is a licensed real estate sales associate. Ms. Matijak joined Gold Coast Professional Schools in 2015 as a CAM instructor, and has assisted Patricia Rogers, the Program Director who has since retired. Active instructor of pre-licensure courses. 

How to receive credit:

  • Read the entire course online or in print which requires a 3-hour commitment of time.
  • After completion of the course, complete the final examination.  A passing grade of 75% is required. Test questions link content to learning outcomes as a method to enhance individualized learning and material retention. 
  • Note to Nursing professionals: Depending on your state requirements, you will be asked to either affirm that you have completed the course, or you will be required to complete the Post-test included in the course.
  • Provide required personal information and payment information.
  • Complete the mandatory course evaluation.
  • Print your Certificate of Completion.


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