Improving Community Association Management Through Technology

About the Course:
This course will look at the pros and cons of using social media to conduct association business and communicate with members. This includes steps to follow in order avoid misuse of technology by the members or Board. It incorporates references from Florida law that require an association website, statutes that regulate association activities that may take place online, and requirements to address a security breach. It does not represent legal advice in any form.

The benefits of using technology for daily operations of maintenance and financial management will be covered along with the components that can be tailored to meet association management needs.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the Florida Statutes’ regulations for technology use in community association management.
  • Describe the benefits of technology in community association management.
  • Discuss strategies to protect association finances from security breach.
  • Explain the benefits and risks of association social media use.
  • Identify cybersecurity risks and the safeguards to protect against them.