Ergonomics Applied to Salon Professionals

About the Course
Salon professionals face a tremendous amount of stress on many areas of the body. This course will provide an understanding of ergonomics and how modifications to the workplace can eliminate stress on the body and injuries.

Learning objectives
  • Understand ergonomics in the workplace. 
  • Discover areas of stress to the body. 
  • Adapt modifications in furniture and equipment. 
  • Evaluate the result of these actions. 
  • Develop a program for each service area.
About the Author
Jo Ann M. Stills began her career as the owner of a successful salon. From that position, she moved into an educational focus as Manager and Styles Director for Trend International Beauty colleges. Further career development led her to the position of Salon Manager for a chain of corporate owned salons. In the first year of this position, she successfully headed off a unionization effort and increased salon revenues by 37%. The year the salon was sold, we reached $1 million level, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.