The Conditions that Affect Aging Nails and Skin

About the Course
Since a cosmetology professional works with aging clients over a period of time, they may see changes in the nails and skin. Some changes in the nails and skin indicate that conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, fungus, and diabetes could be present. It is important for professionals to recognize changes in clients’ nails and skin and be familiar with the different conditions that may be present. Recognizing symptoms of a possible disease or condition can improve how a skin care or nail service is provided to the client.

Learning objectives
  • Describe the conditions that affect the nails and skin in aging clients.
  • Identify the most common symptoms, causes, and possible treatments of nail conditions. 
  • Determine when to refer clients to a physician.
  • Identify the appropriate type of physician to refer clients to.
  • Develop the client and service provider relationship and improve the way clients are treated when it comes to nail and skin conditions.  
About the Author
Jessica Haynes is a certified nail technician and instructor who is passionate about the beauty industry. During her seventeen years of experience in the salon and classroom, she has developed her technical skills, as well as customer service and client retention skills. In addition to working in the salon, she has six years experience developing curriculum, lesson plans, examinations, and practical demonstrations in a beauty college.