The Revival of Permanent Waving

About the Course
This course will also address the updated information regarding the chemistry behind permanent waves. We’ll discuss how the ingredients affect the integrity of the hair strand, and look at agents used before, during and after the service that will benefit the cuticle and cortex layers of the strand. We will also review the steps of the permanent wave process while highlighting safety procedures along the way.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the shift in industry needs pertaining to permanent waving services.
  • Recall the elements in hair analysis and their impact on the outcome of a permanent wave.
  • Recognize wrapping methods and types of rods to predict curl results.
  • Understand basic chemical composition of permanent wave solutions and choose permanent wave products that align with the needs of the client’s hair.
  • Prepare and protect the hair strand with the appropriate products before, during and after a permanent wave service.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the individual steps and stages of the perm service to garner client confidence.
  • Safely perform a permanent wave according to industry guidelines.
About the Author
Lisa A. Snyder is a licensed Managing Cosmetologist in the state of Ohio. She received her license in 1979 and worked in salons for many years. In 1982, she received her instructor’s license and began teaching. She retired from teaching with over 30 years of classroom and lab experience.