Advanced Funeral Planning

About the Course:
Advanced funeral planning is a general term with many facets. It is a decision that must
be fine-tuned to the individuality, lifestyle, and religious base of each person. Many people plan
for life events, such as weddings and vacations, well in advance. However, most do not plan for
something that is certain to happen: their funeral. Further, many people are unaware of how
expensive laying a loved one to rest can be. Assisting individuals in their quest to plan ahead
significantly reduces the risk of leaving family members not only emotionally unprepared, but
also financially unprepared. This course is developed as a guide to help you, as a professional
provider or agent, navigate the options that best suit all parties.
Learning Objectives
  • Define advanced funeral planning.
  • Identify advanced planning options.
  • Describe the significance of ethical concerns and legislation in the Death Care Industry.
  • List the elements of an advanced planning or preneed contract.
  • Discuss the importance of Medicaid and how it affects advanced planning.
  • Identify impairments and apply ethical practice in handling advanced planning for elder clientele.