Effective Communication with Seniors

About the Course:
Communication is an essential aspect of life; yet, it can be taken for granted. Its centrality to being in the world and in professional practice often becomes evident when a provider and older adults encounter communication difficulties. The factors that can affect providers’ communication with older adults relate to sociocultural considerations, the environment, as well as the interactions between these factors. When communicating with older adults, it is necessary to get to know the person as an individual. It is also important to ensure that the communication meets their needs and abilities. Effective communication is essential and requires competence and engagement.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe components of the communication process.
  • Define the four categories of communication.
  • Identify changes in communication over time.
  • Explain how to effectively communicate with seniors.
  • Summarize how to communicate with difficult seniors.
  • Discuss how environmental factors may affect communication.
  • Identify common diseases and disabilities in seniors.