It's Not Your Father's Funeral Home

About the Course:
Businesses need to stay current with the ever changing technology and social aspects that are replacing the traditional services. Making sure to keep up with the evolving funeral business that is clearly "not your father's funeral home" anymore.
Learning objectives
  • Identify preplanning activities and guidelines to meet changing consumer demands.
  • Discuss consumer demands and list options for funeral services and celebrations outside of the funeral home.
  • Explain the changes in embalming and cremation, including alternative methods that are growing in popularity.
  • Define five technology strategies to expand market coverage and meet client needs.
  • Identify components of personalization and strategies to achieve them.
  • Discuss the changing roles of women in the industry.
  • Compare and contrast the services offered by publicly-owned corporations and private family businesses.
  • List innovative commemorative products for the disposition of remains.