Mass Fatalities and Funeral Service

About the Course:
Funeral directors and embalmers often play an active role in the aftermath of mass fatality incidents (MFIs). This course will define MFIs and their classification levels, as well as the preparation, consideration, coordination, and communication required to best serve the victims and families affected. 
Learning objectives
  • Interpret the definition and meaning of mass fatality incidents (MFIs) and the role of funeral directors and embalmers in such incidents.
  • Recognize the vital role funeral service professionals, personnel and related entities have played in historic MFIs.
  • Differentiate between the classification levels of MFIs.
  • Recognize the infrastructure designed for the occurrence of such incidents, including the roles and responsibilities of various agencies and organizations.
  • Design standard operating procedures and plans for staff and personnel in preparation for MFIs impacting one’s local community or area.