Military and Line of Duty Death Services

About the Course:
When a member of the Military is killed in action, the death can be a tragic and devastating loss for the family, the comrades, the friends, and the country. When a member of law enforcement, fire service, or emergency medical service is killed in the line of duty, the tragic loss is felt by the family, the professional family, and the community who was served. The funeral service for a person killed in action or in the line of duty can be more detailed and complex than other funeral arrangements. This course is designed to aid funeral directors in understanding many of the honors and traditions used in these types of service. The content of this course will include the origin and symbolism of many funeral honors observed, discuss the detailed planning required to properly arrange these types of services, and serve in preparing directors to serve the ones affected by Military and Line of Duty Deaths.   
Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between the honors that may be available for Military personnel killed in action or as a veteran of the Armed Forces.
  • Interpret the definition and meaning of Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) and the role of funeral directors in the services following a LODD.
  • Identify the symbolism and origin of many of the honors used in military, law enforcement, fire, and other public servant funerals.
  • Recognize the importance of detailed planning, organization, and communication in preparing for a military or LODD service.
  • Develop basic procedures and practices for assisting agencies, departments, and organizations who experience a LODD.