OSHA and CDC Compliance for NJ Funeral Professionals

About the Course:
There are many health hazards working with or near human remains. By using common sense, OSHA's bloodborne pathogen standards and universal precautions these risks can be greatly reduced.

Learning objectives:
  • List and explain the OSHA guidelines for the prevention of the transmission of bloodborne pathogens in the mortuary setting.
  • Identify the appropriate personal protective equipment to protect the eyes, face, hands, feet, and respiratory system from hazardous materials in the mortuary setting according to OSHA and CDC guidelines.
  • List five guidelines from the OSHA Formaldehyde Protection Standard.
  • Identify and define the Standard Precautions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that apply to mortuary and funeral procedures.
About the Author:
Deborah Converse has dedicated her career to building knowledge and acceptance of individuals with special needs within their families, schools and communities. She has addressed education and employment issues for students facing challenges that include developmental, emotional and behavioral challenges, mental illness, mobility and chemical dependency within the public-school system setting. She has served as an expert witness for school districts in Florida and Hawaii to successfully defend against litigation for non-compliance and has developed programs that have been adopted by school districts across the country. She holds an M.A. in Education for Emotionally Disabled Students from the University of Central Florida, a B.A. in Psychology and was awarded National Board Certification in 2000 as an Exceptional Needs Specialist, Birth -21+ endorsement.