Talking with Children About Death

About the Course:
Death is one of life’s certainties and yet it is also its greatest uncertainty, and children, at a young age, become cognizant of mortality. Some children face significant losses such as the death of a parent or sibling that are dramatic and life-changing.  Children experience and work through the same broad range of emotions that an adult does. Conversely, children are still developing both emotionally and cognitively and therefore are unable to express grief in the same way an adult does. For this reason, coping skills are limited and the need for education and guidance is necessary to support a child in identifying and moving through their own complex feelings. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the ages at which a child understands death and grief.
  • Discuss grief cycles.
  • Discover the most effective ways to guide children through the grieving process.
  • Give examples of how and when to discuss death and grief with children.
  • Examine grief therapy and its effect on children and adults.
  • Recognize the importance of a child’s role in funerals.
  • Discuss how to bring religion into the discussion.