The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

About the Course:
Review the ADA compliance responsibilities for state and local government agencies, employers and places of public accommodation and what the specific obligations are.
Learning Objectives
  • List and explain the three main areas in which funeral homes have legal obligations under the ADA.
  • Explain required conduct for employers regarding the confidentiality of medical records.
  • Discuss the defining features of “reasonable accommodation” and “undue hardship” and provide examples of each.
  • Explain an employer’s responsibilities for making its facilities accessible.
  • Distinguish between a funeral home’s responsibilities under Title I versus Title III of the ADA.
  • Explain the significance of a “direct threat” under the ADA and why HIV is not considered one.
  • Discuss a funeral home’s responsibilities to the hearing-impaired and whether an interpreter must be provided.
  • Discuss some of the environmental concerns associated with CJD that might affect your work.