Training New Embalmers

About the Course:
It is the responsibility and duty of funeral home owners, managers, and experienced professionals to properly train and equip those new to the industry in the most complete way possible. Additionally, it is the responsibility of these same professionals to properly equip and prepare those who are new to a firm. This proper training and preparation will provide immeasurable success to the new embalmer, the existing staff and management, and the families that will be served.
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the importance of the information provided to and the questions asked of potential embalmers in pre-employment interviews.
  • Differentiate the training needs of new embalmers based on the observation of experience level of the new embalmers.
  • Interpret the areas in which training should be focused upon based on the perceived experience level.
  • Develop standardized procedures and forms for recording new first calls to the firm.
  • Illustrate the importance of procedures new embalmers should employ in removals.
  • Design standard operating procedures to guide the actions of embalming staff members.
  • Recognize the importance of growing within the death care industry to leave the industry in a superior position than which it was found.