Evidence Based Cupping


Cupping Therapy is different than all other manual techniques, with or without instruments. The negative pressure produced during cupping therapy offers a distraction to the tissues allowing for increased blood flow and lymph drainage, improved movement and overall tissue healing & recovery. This stands in contrast to the shearing that is present with muscle stretching and all other myofascial treatments. Despite its popularity, there has traditionally been a gap in the literature for the appropriate dosage, timing, and frequency for the proper application of cupping for musculoskeletal problems. During this (live) web-based course you will gain an in depth understanding on how to increase or regress the intensity of cupping and therefore making it easier to program this treatment appropriately. The demonstrations will show you various tools for cupping and you will view general treatment strategies to apply cupping both static and dynamically. From Cervico-Thoracic to lower leg, ankle and foot you will take a step by step approach and learn the most effective ways to combine patient movement and cupping techniques. You can expect to leave with the confidence and knowledge needed to develop cupping session for your patient based on your assessment and the individual needs of your patient.

This course is approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy as a hands-on credit, relevant to and focused on massage therapy techniques, skills and protocols.