Evidence Based IASTM


Manual Therapy options are endless in quantity and finding the right combination for your patients can be quite daunting. By combining multiple manual therapy techniques, you can quickly and effectively make improvements setting your patients up for success. Take your IASTM techniques to the next level by utilizing IASTM in combination with other soft tissue treatments that complement each other you will develop a fully integrated manual therapy approach that helps expedite your patients recovery. The latest evidence shows that manual therapy, and IASTM specifically, can reduce pain and improve function by restoring optimal movement, and you will learn how this is how we can treat within the BPS model and how you can use pain science education to explain this treatment method to your clients During this course you will see demonstrations of IASTM techniques that can be combined with active movements. You will also learn to understand how to differentiate techniques to reduce pain, reduce tone, or facilitate muscular contractions.

This course is approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy as a hands-on credit, relevant to and focused on massage therapy techniques, skills and protocols.