Evidenced-Inspired Approaches to Pelvic Pain


About the Course
Pelvic pain can be a chronic, debilitating condition that is affecting an ever increasing number of individuals. Individuals often have numerous imaging studies that are considered normal and do not contribute to their treatment. Current medical treatment involves prescription pain relievers, injections and surgeries that often offer little if any improvement in symptoms. This course is designed to educate the practicing clinician on how to rule out suspected medical red flags. The clinician will then learn researched based evaluation techniques to identify not only the presence of sacroiliac joint dysfunction but the specific dysfunction of the 10 common presentations. Tissue specific impairments will then be addressed with a variety of manual therapy techniques including instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and joint manipulations. 

This course is a video, on-demand course.

This course is approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy as a hands-on credit, relevant to and focused on massage therapy techniques, skills and protocols.