Foundation, Form and Function: Foundation Concepts of Core Stability


About the Course
Core stability is the new trend in the Rehab and Sports Industry but what is the actual core according to the new evidence? What are the anatomical integrations of muscle, fascia, neural and the emotional components that are involved in efficient trunk stability? Why are our patients tight, stiff or collapsing? This seminar is heavily evidence based on the latest studies of the trunk, core, global muscle group and the intimate association of the respiratory system. Being able to differentiate proper core facilitation from global muscle overuse is essential in accurate core training. The Thorax is the center of trunk rotation and is important in transferring loads from the lower extremities and upper extremities through the various regions of the spine. It is a prime base for muscle and fascial connections that affect the cervical and lumbo/pelvic regions. The diaphragm within the Thorax, functions in posture and respiration. It's intimate connections, muscularly and neurologically with the lumbar spine, abdominals and pelvic floor and its ability to maintain intra abdominal pressure, are vital for spinal stability. Discover how to evaluate short, toned global muscles and weak deep core muscles. Learn to lengthen these excessively overused muscles. Be trained to facilitate the deep core and blend it with the global system for a strong dual system to allow our patients to stand correctly against gravity, our biggest adversary. Our patients must have a good foundation, good form, good function and ultimately enjoyment in their activities of life. "Foundation, Form and Function" will be an adjunct for any spinal health and stabilization platform. It is vital that the thorax and diaphragm function be integrated into a functional spinal program for successful outcomes.

This course is a video, on-demand course.

This course is approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy as a hands-on credit, relevant to and focused on massage therapy techniques, skills and protocols.