Human Trafficking in Florida: Modern Day Slavery

About the Course:
This course will focus on awareness of human trafficking for massage therapists and provide information on how to identify possible trafficking victims, steps to report cases, and information about resources available to assist victims. The course will also, review techniques traffickers use to force, defraud, and coerce individuals into slavery, and to keep victims captive, and the traumatic effects of trafficking.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define human trafficking and the effects on victims.
  • List the indicators for identification of possible human trafficking victims.
  • Discuss the steps to report possible cases of human trafficking to access human trafficking support networks.
  • Identify strategies to assist human trafficking victims to access resources for assistance and support, including Florida Law Chapter 2019-152.
  • Discuss awareness, prevention, and advocacy to protect massage therapists and clients from human trafficking in illicit massage venues.