Intro to Massage Therapy for the Senior, Elderly and Hospice Client

This class will start to prepare massage therapists for working with the senior, elderly and hospice population by teaching them strategies on how to adapt their massage to match the aging and dying population. During this course, the student will develop the understanding necessary to use the skills they already possess to work with these populations. In this course, the massage therapist will tap into their own awareness of what dying and death means to them. Students will gain the knowledge of targeting massage treatment(s) that best benefits clients by helping them gain immediate relief and long term improvements in movement thus improving their wellbeing for the senior population. Each participant will learn the benefits of touch for the hospice client and how to massage a client at the end of life. Students will also acquire new proficiencies to add to their skill set which will help them navigate working with a rapidly growing senior population. Participants will discover methods on how to evaluate clients, focusing on contraindications, skin fragility, muscle contraction and prevalent body issues.