Korrective Kinesiology: The Lower Extremity - Elite Livestream


Advance Kinesiology of the Lower Extremity presents an in-depth examination of the bony structures, connective tissues, and muscular components of the human hips and legs. The class instills clear, reliable principles of human movement and applies the governing axioms to every movement of each joint. Movements are discussed and demonstrated, including identification of agonist/antagonist/synergist contribution, planes of movement, and relation to movements in sports, rehab and daily life. The course features a comprehensive inspection of connective tissues, including their respective functional contributions and common injuries. Students will explore the often Injured ACL and other vulnerable structures of the knee. Demonstrations of assessment and discovery of multi-planar movement pathologies will enhance students’ skill at addressing muscle imbalances in the lower extremity. Attendees will have opportunity to strengthen and assess their progress through a set of labeling, matching activities and a self-graded quiz. The class will build and improve students’ cognizance of the optimum and impaired function of the human lower extremity and impart applicable skills for movement restoration and maximum performance.