Korrective Kinesiology: The Upper Extremity

Advance Kinesiology of the Upper Extremity takes the learner through a clear, yet comprehensive tour of the gross and fine mechanisms of movement. The class starts with a cogent review of the mechanics and structures governing motions of the shoulder, elbow and forearm. The fundamental laws of kinetics are systemically applied to each aspect of the upper extremity. Students will see and apply foundational rules of human movement and build their ability to predict and assign the appropriate agonists, antagonists and synergists to each movement. The course features a thorough view of the supporting tissues and their essential contribution to shoulder and arm function. The class brings a series of supporting information based on the names of the structures, rationale for terms and designations, and offers the learner a set of resources to build genuine comprehension of the intricate design of the human upper appendage. Class learning goals are supported by a set of student activities including visual presentation, hand-outs for labeling/matching, and self-graded quiz. Newly credentialed and experienced professionals will all increase their mastery of the human shoulder/arm and leave with new skills which they can immediately apply in service to their clients.