Lancaster, PA December 14-15, 2024

Nearly 40 million Americans endure at least 1 migraine or similar headache episode per year, with a staggering 9 million suffering 15 or more headaches per month.  Conventional medical approaches and pain medicines carry high costs, risk of side effects, and are only partially effective.
Fortunately there are safe, effective techniques available to massage therapists which have met with outstanding success.  These inexpensive, noninvasive techniques can be applied almost anywhere, require no special equipment, and allow for wonderful relief and healing for our clients.  The hands on approach to relieving headaches often brings immediate, lasting relief, to the client.  The specific skills required are well within the reach of Licensed Massage Professionals and can be mastered in a short time. 
This workshop also identifies some of the major causes of back pain, which affects over 80% of American adults at some time.  Attendees will enhance their understanding of crucial structures related to the spine.  They will gain a deeper knowledge of some of the major pathologies which impede spinal health and the leading causes of these imbalances.  The class arms the massage therapists with a comprehensive approach to assisting clients which will include powerful hands- on techniques as well as key stretching and strengthening exercises.

Students should bring a massage table, lines, lotion, notebook and pen and wear loose fitting clothing.

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12/14/2024 8:00AM
12/15/2024 5:00PM EST
| Instructor: Jim Menz