Massage Therapy and the Stress Epidemic

About the Course:
The purpose of this course is to discuss the positive role professional massage therapy can play in the stress epidemic in our modern culture. We will examine the negative physiological and biochemical processes that occur in the body under stress and counterpoint them with the beneficial processes that occur in the body during massage. We will also look at the cultural symptoms that contribute to our collective stress and discuss the statistics that qualify stress as a national epidemic.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the learner should be able to:
  • Define stress in clinical terms and describe its effects on the body and brain.
  • Identify the effects of stress on the body and the difference between acute and chronic stress.
  • Examine the relationship between our modern lifestyle and our indicated levels of stress.
  • Recognize current cultural norms of overstimulation and overmedication.
  • Identify the physiological, neurological, and biochemical changes that take place during massage and their role in reducing stress.
  • Establish the importance of consistent massage therapy as a long-term stress-reducing practice.