Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries

About the Course:
This course is designed to familiarize massage therapists with the techniques most commonly used to treat sports injuries, the general terminology associated with sports injuries, the most common sports injuries, the anatomy and physiology involved, and the sports each injury is usually associated with. The course also reviews several tips for helping athletes avoid specific injuries. In several instances, learners will discover that massage therapy is contraindicated given the specifics of an athlete’s condition.

Learning Objectives:
  • List 12 massage techniques that can help rehabilitate or prevent sports injuries.
  • Describe the manner in which each massage technique is performed.
  • List 14 general terms associated with sports injuries.
  • Summarize each of the general terms to include symptoms of bodily conditions.
  • Identify the conditions that contraindicate massage therapy.
  • List 14 conditions associated with sports injuries.
  • Define each of the specific conditions to include its symptoms.
  • Discuss which massage techniques are most effective for each condition.
  • Provide any self-care techniques that may help rehabilitate these conditions.