Medications & Massage Therapy: Introduction to Pharmacology

About the Course:
Massage can be a highly effective treatment for many conditions however you can do harm if done incorrectly, also be aware of any medications including non-prescription and herbal supplements, as these can influence or be influenced by the massage.

Learning objectives:
  • Explain the concept of affinity and the process of neurotransmission of drug molecules.
  • Compare and contrast pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.
  • Explain the concept of bioavailability.
  • List and discuss the contraindications for massage on specific systems of the body.
  • Identify and discuss the four primary processes of pharmacokinetics.
  • Define the effects of different massage strokes on systems of the body.
  • Discuss the efficacy of massage to treat pain and symptoms of prescription and illicit opioid use disorder.