Philadelphia, PA December 21-22, 2024

Successfully eliminating your client's pain is a great feeling for you and your client! It can also lead to more clients through word-of-mouth. This course gives you the tools to expand your knowledge and client base using Neuromuscular Therapy.
In this course, you will learn how to adequately address the most common pain issues and postural distortions, which often result from soft tissue injury, repetitive overuse and poor posture. Students are taught Neuromuscular theories and techniques to treat muscles, as well as pain patterns and symptoms associated with limited range of motion of the shoulder joint, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and occupational postural issues.
With individualized instruction, the course is beneficial for students of any level. You can expect to leave the class with the ability to recognize, assess and effectively treat various pain patterns and other complaints that ail your clients.
Students should bring a massage table, linens, a pen or pencil, a light jacket or sweater, and either a sports bra and running shorts or a bathing suit.

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12/21/2024 8:00AM
12/22/2024 5:00PM EST
| Instructor: Deborah Moody