Ridgewood, NJ September 29, 2024

Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work.  It is concerned with developing knowledge about human performance capabilities, limitations and other characteristics as they relate to the design of the interfaces between people and system components.  Postural ergonomics focuses on optimizing the worker’s condition of their body & musculoskeletal system within their workplace environment.  This course addresses common poor postures, postural habits and common injuries, as a result.  It will cover the key components of Postural Ergonomics; Functional, Brain-based, Postural and Environmental---6 hours
The second half/day of class will be on Aromatherapy.  This part of the course discusses the history, benefits and application of both aromatherapy and essential oils.  We will delve into 20 of the most common essential oils; their properties, benefits and contraindications of them.  Students will learn about, as well as create their own, original, creative medicinal blends.

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09/29/2024 9:00AM
5:00PM EDT
| Instructor: Deborah Moody