Toms River, NJ August 24-25, 2024

An increasingly popular modality, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an ultra-light touch therapy that is both deeply relaxing and beneficial to the body, reducing waste buildup in the lymph and promoting a healthy immune system. For therapists, it offers the bonus of being gentle on the hands while producing real, often visible, results, particularly in clients who are prone to swelling, recovering from surgery, or undergoing cancer treatment.
This course will teach you the MLD technique developed by Drs. Emil Vodder and Bruno Chikly.
You will explore the lymphatic system's anatomy and physiology, and learn how and where to apply the correct pressure and rhythm to stimulate its movement. After class, you'll have the skills to immediately put this technique into practice in your spa or clinic. Plus, you'll learn quick at-home exercises that you can use for self-care, and teach your clients how to keep their lymph systems healthy between continued sessions with you.
Students should bring a massage table, bolster, top and bottom sheets, massage oil, and a pen and paper for taking notes.

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08/24/2024 9:00AM
08/25/2024 5:00PM EDT
| Instructor: Elisa DiFalco