Spanish for Healthcare Providers

About the Course

It is becoming more and more common to treat patients of Hispanic or Spanish descent who are not able to effectively communicate in English. A clinician who is able to educate and assist a patient who only speaks Spanish is an extremely valuable asset to the hospital or clinic setting. This video course provides the healthcare professional with the tools and education to learn to communicate in Spanish and, therefore, improve the progress of treatment and quality of life for the patient.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
  • Identify a way to introduce yourself as a healthcare professional, including title and function.
  • Identify five conversational phrases to greet patients.
  • List nine question words to assist in gathering medication information from patients.
  • Recognize the difference in use between “esta” and “es” while addressing patients.
  • Identify 10 parts of the body in Spanish.
  • List 10 descriptive words in Spanish a patient may use to describe how they feel.
  • Recognize 10 occupations a patient may state while taking current occupation and employment status.
  • Identify a way to ask a patient about pain levels.
  • List three commonly used medical devices in Spanish.
  • Identify a way to ask about a patient’s past medical history.

About the Author: 
Cynthia Diaz, OT

Cynthia Diaz is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a passion for pediatric and orthopedic care. Currently, she works as a school-based OT and enjoys furthering her education and knowledge through study and implementing new interventions with students to help increase academic performance through enhancing visual perceptual skills, graphic communication, sensory integration techniques, and more. Prior to school-based intervention, Ms. Diaz worked for seven years as a Orthopedic Occupational Therapist. She is still extremely passionate about this area of care and looks forward to one day becoming a Certified Hand Therapist.

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