AAC Devices: One Size Does Not Fit All

About the Course:
iOS devices like iPhones and iPads are used by individuals and therapists to complete daily activities, navigate the world around us and communicate. The power of these handheld devices is typically underutilized primarily due to lack of knowledge and understanding of what functions are available and how they can be used. This course will address the iOS system and the range of the standard supports and built-in accessibility features that support all persons AT/AAC needs. Professionals will be provided comprehensive instruction to enable successful utilization of iPads and iPhones when working with persons who have a range of disabilities. 

Course Objectives: 
At the end of this course the participant will be able to: 
  • Identify the purpose of AAC. 
  • Identify the specialists and their roles in evaluation 
  • Identify the 3 types of information essential for assessment. 
  • List game enders and relation to the SETT Framework and its role in the assessment. 
  • Recognize the use of feature matching and how it supports Decision Making. 
  • List 3 considerations for person centered assessment. 
  • Identify Core language and its relationship to making vocabulary decisions 
  • Recognize the decision making process for using Visual Immersion System of language for AAC 
  • List 3 possible assessment tools to use during assessment 
  • Identify 3 ways a to complete device comparisons. 
  • Identify 2 funding issues and solutions for obtaining a device. 
About the Instructor: 
Melanie H. Johnston, M.A., SLP/CAS,
is the Executive Director of BRITE Success, LLC, which provides services to individuals with intellectual and development disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She completed her education with a BS from Texas Christian University in Speech Pathology, and MA from University of Texas, Austin in Early Childhood Intervention and Special Education. She is a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist, TEA Certified Teacher and IBCCES Certified Autism Specialist and trained Sexuality Educator 

This course is a on-demand, video course.