iPad’s and AAC: Getting the Most Out of Your iPad, 1/14/2024


About the Course:
This course is intended to instruct the professional to comprehensively understand how to utilize features of iPads successfully when working with persons who have a range of disabilities. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the process to access on screen controls and to add buttons to controls
  • Identify the airdrop feature
  • Identify 2 forms of multi-tasking and the features of each.
  • Identify at least 3 standard iOS features that support Accessibility and literacy.
  • List 3 ways restrictions and timers support individuals with disability.
  • Identify 3 vision accessibility features that can support multiple disabilities.
  • Identify Interaction supports found in accessibility features
  • Identify 2 features of guided access that support Accessibility.
  • Identify 3 changes in iOS 13 that increase accessibility for all users.

About the Author:
Melanie H. Johnston, M.A. is the Executive Director of BRITE Success, LLC, which provides services to individuals with intellectual and development disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  She completed her education with a BS from Texas Christian University in Speech Pathology, and MA from University of Texas, Austin in Early Childhood Intervention and Special Education.  She is a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist, TEA Certified Teacher and IBCCES Certified Autism Specialist and trained Sexuality Educator Melanie has over 30 years of experience not only as a Speech and Language Pathologist but also as an Autism/Behavior Specialist in public schools, private practice and collaborations with other agencies and service providers.  She works with public school systems throughout the country developing appropriate educational plans for individuals with special needs providing trainings to faculty, professionals and families.    She has taught AT/AAC as adjunct faculty at the University of Texas, Austin and has been at the forefront of implementing i-technology for education in the areas of communication, assistive-technology, language, transitional and learning needs. She has recently worked to provide information and training opportunities for sexuality education for all persons with disability.   Melanie has been a sought-after speaker speaking nationally at conferences and for professional trainings across the country. She is the recipient of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) 2013 Education Award.  Currently, she sits on the Special NeedsWare (Oneder) Advisory Board, Elevatus Training Advisory Board and continues to advocate for all individuals with disabilities.

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