Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Neorological Disorders: Research and Resources for OT and PT

About the Course:
NDT is widely used in the therapy realm for numerous neurological conditions and has revolutionized hands-on clinical work. Physical and occupational therapists working in various settings and capacities worldwide have incorporated NDT principles and practices into their patients’ treatment sessions. The following course includes the latest resources and research available for physical and occupational therapists regarding NDT.

Learning Objectives:
  • Summarize foundational theories and treatment behind NDT.
  • Explain what NDT looks like as delivered through physical and occupational therapy practitioners.
  • Summarize current peer-reviewed NDT research.
  • Identify and describe NDT-appropriate neurological disorders outside of cerebral palsy (CP) and hemiplegia.
  • Identify updated resources for proper billing of NDT in specific practice settings.
  • Discuss current therapy resources for NDT to enhance the clinical practice.