Person Centered Care: Keys to Assuring This Regulatory Requirement, 10/14/2023

About the Course:
In the latest and most significant update to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Rules of Participation in Long-Term Care (LTC), healthcare team members are required to assure person-centered care at every level. These new LTC Requirements for Participation were released in 2016 with subsequent phase-in dates of November 2017 and November 2019. This session will focus on research-based strategies to assure compliance with each regulation, to include assuring person-centered care and preferences, despite the unique complexities of each resident’s clinical scenario. Participants will learn how key strategies can be effective for each of the updated codes of federal regulation, with examples provided in multiple areas for different team members in their respective departments. Evidence-based techniques will be shared to address needs from person-centered care plan goals to assuring resident preferences and wishes in care decisions and quality of life. Case studies and recommendations will be shared to complete the learning experience.

Course Objectives:
  1. Describe how the revised CMS codes of regulation affect the required care for the residents with long-term care.
  2. Describe the evidence-based strategies to assure a resident’s quality of life, to be utilized by the full multi-disciplinary team.
  3. List person-centered care strategies to assist and empower residents with fall prevention.
  4. Identify how each healthcare team member can assist the Long-Term Care community with survey compliance.
  5. List examples of evidence-based skilled practices to effectively assure the resident’s wishes and preferences in all aspects of their care.
  6. Identify protocols to assure resident's wishes while managing the risks.
  7. List examples of respectful words and terms to meet the requirements of person-centered dignity and respect.
About the Author:
Over the last 30 years, Lisa Young Milliken has served adults and geriatrics as a clinician, manager, vice president, consultant, compliance manager and education director and is most passionate about mentoring healthcare professionals in the post-acute facilities across the country. She currently provides continuing education support to therapists in over 950 sites nationwide as Education Specialist for Select Rehabilitation. She is a national speaker, with over 100 professional education courses taught for healthcare professionals, to include topics related to regulatory affairs, documentation, healthcare leadership, cardiopulmonary disorders, dementia, polypharmacy and successful aging. Lisa is a member ASHA, where she currently serves as a State Advocate for Medicare Policy (StAMP) to Texas, and she serves on the TSHA Executive Council as Chair of the Business Management Committee. She was recently elected as a Distinguished Fellowship of the National Academies of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology. In prior years she served in multiple positions on the Louisiana Speech Hearing and Language Association to include State Advocate for Medicare Policy, Director of Publications, President Elect, President and Past President. Through her leadership positions on the Louisiana and Texas Association boards and executive council, she has purposed to advocate services of these associations’ members as well as for the clients and families served by the members.

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