Scapular Rehab Science and Skills: An Evidence-Based Approach

About the Course:
This evidence-based course expounds on the science behind scapular rehab as well as reviews kinematic, special assessments, and verified therapeutic exercises for scapular dysfunction. The wide scope of impairments that are interdependent with scapular dysfunctions are identified. Extensive evidence-based references support efficacy of the selected exercises, manual techniques, and taping that are structured for immediate clinical application. 

Course Objectives: 
At the end of this course the participant will be able to: 
  • Identify the scope and scientific descriptors of scapular dysfunction 
  • Select specific terminology and kinematic concepts for the scapula-thoracic joint 
  • Identify scapular assessments, reliability and clinical progression 
  • Identify interdependence of scapular dysfunctions with varied shoulder impairments and injury.
  • Locate the spectrum of evidence-based scapular exercises and role of myofascial treatments
  • Recognize the presentation and management for Grade Ill AC injury and supra-scapular neuritis. 
About the Instructor: 
Mark Albert, M. Ed., PT, L.A.T, ATC, SCS(Ret.)  has 40 years of clinical experience in sports and orthopedic physical therapy settings. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, with B.S in Physical Therapy in 1975, Albert also holds a master’s degree in Education, Georgia State Univ. 1983. Mr. Albert previously served as Athletic Trainer and Rehab Director with Georgia Tech Athletic Association, in Atlanta, GA. In addition, Mr. Albert has served as Athletic Trainer for three universities, numerous high schools and the former professional soccer team (N.A.S.L.), the Atlanta Chiefs and the 1996 Olympic Games. With 31 years of experience in post-graduate education, Albert has presented over 400 courses and seminars on specialty areas of sports injury, management of shoulder and knee dysfunction and exercise rehabilitation. Mr. Albert was one of the first therapists recognized as Board Certified Specialists in Sports (SCS) in 1987. His textbook, entitled Eccentric Muscle Training In Sports and Orthopedics - 2nd Ed, is considered a classic reference source for clinical exercise and has been reprinted in Japanese and French. Mr. Albert currently resides in Atlanta GA and is the founder of STEP of Atlanta, Inc. and STAR Physical Therapy, LaQuinta CA.

This course is a video, on-demand course.