Managing the Unique Needs of Female Patients

About the Course:
This course covers women’s health management and medications used in this patient population. It reviews the physiology of female hormones and details the various hormonal and nonhormonal contraceptive methods available. Management of pregnant and lactating patients and medication use in these populations is included. The course also discusses menopausal treatment and the current recommendations regarding hormonal use in this population. Additionally, the epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, and diagnosis of osteoporosis will be discussed. This course gives detailed information on the medications used to treat these conditions. 

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, the learner will be able to: 
  • Review the physiology of female hormones and how it relates to the mechanism of hormonal contraception.
  • List the currently available hormonal and nonhormonal contraceptive products.
  • Recommend appropriate contraception methods based on patient factors.
  • Review the mechanism of home pregnancy tests.
  • Evaluate the updated FDA labeling for medication use in pregnancy and lactation compared to the previous letter categories. 
  • Develop a list of over-the-counter medications that can be safely recommended in pregnant patients.
  • Assess the risks/benefits of hormone use for menopausal symptoms.
  • Identify the types of available estrogen products and combination estrogen/progestin products for menopause.
  • Identify patients who may be at risk for osteoporosis.
  • Compare the currently available treatments for osteoporosis.
About the Author:
Melanie Padgett, PharmD earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University. She has been a community pharmacist for seven years and has experience writing for medical education companies.

How to receive credit:
  • A minimum test score of 75% is needed to obtain a credit.

Activity Type - Knowledge-based

Target Audience - Pharmacists, Pharmacists Technicians


  • Contact hours will be awarded through the expiration date.
  • You must score 75% or higher on the final exam and complete the course evaluation to pass this course and have your record of completion submitted through CPE Monitor and to the NABP.
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