Evaluations and Treatment of the Cervical Spine

About the Course
Neck or cervical spine pain and dysfunction can have multiple causes. The goal of the physical therapist should first be to determine the cause of the pain via screening forms and special tests, and once the cause is determined, the best course of treatment can be chosen. This course will discuss the various assessment methods and treatment option of the cervical spine.

Learning Objectives
  • Name four possible causes of neck pain.
  • List three conditions that are not appropriate for physical therapy treatment.
  • Describe how to complete a neck flexor endurance test.
  • List four tests for diagnosis of radiculopathy.
  • Describe the most effective types of exercise for neck pain.
  • Describe one situation when education will benefit the patient.
  • Describe the most effective treatment strategies for chronic neck pain with headaches.
  • List four effective treatments for neck pain.
  • Name one treatment that is not effective for neck pain.