Kin-EZ-ology: The World's Most Concise Lessons on Human Movement, 6/24/2024


About the Course
This course discusses skeletal muscle functions, names and locations as well as their various roles and interactions during the creation of human movement. The class includes a detailed explanation of major terms. The class features a clear overview of the skeletal muscle functions, including the concept of "Pulling" which is examined on the macro and micro level. Specific muscle roles and biomechanics principles are addressed, featuring examples and illustrations. The course concludes with practice at movement analysis. Common motions are demonstrated so the health professional may practice identifying the joint actions, planes, and muscles involved. The professional will then make recommendations for specific techniques to address targeted areas involved in these common movements.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify torques in select exercise motions: dumbbell lateral raise, bicep curl
  • Identify origin and insertion of all major muscles of the lower body
  • List the actions of selected muscles
  • Identify origin and insertion of all major muscles of the upper body
  • List the actions of selected muscles
  • Identify muscles roles, joints actions and planes involved in football throw
  • Recognize all major joint movements of upper and lower body
About the Author
Jim began his health & wellness career as a Certified Personal Trainer in 1992 and was certified in massage therapy the following year. In his career he has worked with a spectrum of clients in community, athletic and rehabilitative settings. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Post Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitative Science. Early in his education career, Jim created the curriculum used by the largest personal training school in the country. Jim has been a college instructor for 9 years and has constructed programs in Exercise Science and Massage Therapy for Salem and Cumberland County Colleges. He is an adjunct faculty member of Health and Exercise Science at Rowan University and recently completed a series of lectures for health professionals in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and throughout Florida. Jim has presented at a numerous continuing education events for trainers, therapists, coaches and nurses since 2004.

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