Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Neurological Disorders: Research and Resources for OT and PT

About the Course
This course includes the latest resources and research available for physical and occupational therapists regarding neuro-developmental treatment (NDT). Additionally, this course will discuss the importance of NDT as a means to improve functional movement as it pertains to ambulation, transfers and mobility, as well as ADL performance.

Learning objectives
  • Summarize foundational theories and treatment behind NDT.
  • Explain what NDT looks like as delivered through physical and occupational therapy practitioners.
  • Summarize current peer-reviewed NDT research.
  • Identify and describe NDT-appropriate neurological disorders outside of cerebral palsy (CP) and hemiplegia.
  • Identify updated resources for proper billing of NDT in specific practice settings.
  • Discuss current therapy resources for NDT to enhance the clinical practice.