Neuro-Ignition for Movement Therapy, 3/11/2024


About the Course:
Neuro-Ignition for Movement Therapy provides therapists with critical information about sensory-motor development, the scientific basis of our integrative interventions, and neuroscience-based approaches that facilitate optimal body-brain functional outcomes, from pediatrics through eldercare. Therapists will explore the neurological grounding of autonomic function to enhance self-regulation, learn to identify common wiring disruptions to appropriately tailor their interventions, and acquire important treatment strategies for neurodevelopmental or sensory-motor dysfunction patients of all ages, including the 0-3 population. Parent and caregiver needs are also addressed, with simple strategies and resources provided for optimal support and family success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify brainstem wiring for neurosensory processing
  • Identify autonomic regulation neuro-sensitive intervention approaches
  • Identify pre- and post-natal wiring disruption events
  • Identify common adverse plasticization events
  • Identify peripheral and central wiring pathways
  • Identify mapping, interpretation and output dynamics
  • Identify three positive engagement strategies to enhance developmental and restorative movement outcomes.
  • Recognize the 4-step “Landing Learning” protocol for effective landing, connection and learning.
  • Select three practical strategies in various treatment environments to enhance connection, landing, learning and movement behaviors in their patients.

    About the Author:
    Dr. Cathy Pliscof Holway is an internationally recognized physical therapist, educator and author in the healthcare field of integrative manual therapies. She received her BS and certificate in Physical Therapy from Russell Sage College/ Albany Medical College School of Physical Therapy, Troy, NY, in 1979. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University in 2008.
    Her interest in neuroscience-based integrative manual therapies led her to develop her own form of integrative work, Neurovascular Integration. Upon completion of her doctoral studies in 2008, she founded The Neurovascular Institute, Inc., to provide well-researched, scientifically-based medical education that is immediately applicable to clinical practice and fosters professional growth and integrity of licensed medical professionals. Dr. Cathy continues to integrate clinical work with research, development and online instruction in Neurovascular Integration, to an international audience.

How to Receive Credit  

  • View the entire recording which requires a 4-hour commitment of time.
  • After completion of the course, complete the final examination. A passing grade of 75% is required. Test questions link content to learning outcomes as a method to enhance individualized learning and material retention.  
  • Note to Nursing professionals: Depending on your state requirements, you will be asked to either affirm that you have completed the course, or you will be required to complete the Post-test included in the course.
  • Provide required personal information and payment information.
  • Complete the mandatory course evaluation.
  • Print your Certificate of Completion.

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