Pharmaceuticals and Physical Therapy: Movement with Medication

About the Course
Physical therapy and pharmacology have operated alongside each other for thousands of years. This course will prioritize essential components regarding pharmaceutical principles and will discuss common pharmaceutical categories relative to application in physical therapy clinical settings

Learning objectives
  • Describe and critique U.S. federal law regarding pharmaceuticals.
  • Recognize chemical and physiologic components of pharmacology.
  • Recall and sequence pharmacodynamic physiology.
  • Describe and assess fundamental pharmacokinetic processes.
  • Compare pharmaceutical and physiologic variability.
  • Justify concern regarding biological antibiotic resistance.
  • Distinguish pharmaceutical effects upon the autonomic and central nervous systems.
  • Summarize multi-modal pharmaceutical management of hypertension.
  • Determine the role of vasodilators in multi-modal medical care.
  • Interpret pharmaceutical intervention for cardiopulmonary pathologies.
  • Construct the role of physical rehabilitation in the context of sedatives, hypnotics and multi-modal anesthetics.
  • Assess the role and objective danger associated with opioid prescription.