Treatment Strategies for Complex Back and Neck Pain, 7/30/2024

About the Course
Clinical outcomes for patients with chronic back and neck pain has historically been poor. Why? Patients with chronic back or neck pain need more than hands-on treatment and exercises. Pain is complex and a systematic approach is necessary to evaluate the type of pain most dominant in a patient’s clinical presentation. The subjective interview should review potential red and yellow flags. The objective evaluation should prioritize what areas need to be addressed first. Patients need and want knowledge; thus, patient education is paramount. This course expounds on pain assessment, pain neuroscience education, as well as pain treatment and approach.

Course Objectives:
1. Recognize the prevalence/incidence of cervical and lumbar pain and how this influences clinical practice.
2. Select the most common forms of self report patient outcomes measures used for complex back and neck patient.
3. Identify the most prevalent red flags during the spine examination, in addition knowing what yellow flags to consider.
4. Identify the most diagnostic cervical oriented special tests and lumbar oriented special tests.
5. Recognize the proposed benefit to classifying low back and neck conditions by similarity.
6. Recognize the effectiveness of each technique for treatment within the classifications.
7. Recognize the value and benefits of Pain Science Education.
8. Identify the 4 R’s of pain Science Education.
9. Select the most appropriate patients for cervical manipulation based on Clinic Prediction Rule.
10. Select the most dominant pain mechanism for their patients. 11. Recognize the benefit of using the BPS model.

About the Author:
Pieter L. de Smidt has over 30 years of experience as a Physical Therapist. He has achieved certifications in Mckenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Manual Therapy, and Sports Therapy. With his Post- Professional Doctorate in PT he specialized in management of musculoskeletal injuries of the spine & extremities. He passionate about combining hands-on treatment with pain science education. Pieter L. de Smidt practices in his own clinic, “Reset-Wellness Physical Therapy & Medical Fitness”, in Houston, TX. He uses an evidence-based, integrated approach of manual therapy & exercise. The main focus for his practice is to bridge the gap between rehab and fitness by improving patient’s lifestyle choices through education and to incorporate strength & conditioning principles into physical therapy treatments She is a member of the APTA including the Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management section and Geriatric section.