Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: OT and PT Roles for Intervention


About the Course
The following course material targets occupational and physical therapists who regularly work with, or who have an interest in working with, young adults with autism across the entire spectrum. The course includes basic information about autism spectrum disorder as well as references to the latest interventions and evaluations for functional barriers for this population.

Learning Objectives

  • Define autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to updated diagnostic criteria.
  • Recognize common disorders that often accompany ASD as well as the consequences on daily function.
  • Identify functional deficits that frequent the lives of young adults with ASD.
  • Compare and contrast OT and PT roles in working with young adults with ASD.
  • Scrutinize peer-reviewed evidence for currently effective interventions and programs.
  • Implement at least three evaluation tools for young adults with ASD in the rehabilitative setting.