2016 Salary Survey Results, Part 1

Each year, we ask respiratory care and sleep medicine professionals across the country to help us get to the bottom of compensation and career trends. And now it’s time to see what we can all learn from the results of our 2016 salary survey.

This year, we heard from nearly 1,000 respiratory and sleep professionals from all over the U.S., and it appears this past year has been a good one for your colleagues. Here’s just a snippet of what you’ll find in Part 1:

Employment Status
The vast majority of our respondents work full-time earn between $50,000 and $70,000, with the average resting at just over $67,000 overall, which was an increase of about 2% for all of our survey takers over the previous year.

Women continue to dominate men in the respiratory care and sleep medicine, according to our survey takers, although men, who represent about 35% of respondents this year, earn about 11% more.

Like last year, the majority of our salary takers live in the South, followed by the Mid-Atlantic and Lower Great Lakes region, the West, Midwest and the Northeast.

Don’t forget to check out the downloadable survey results PDF that includes even more information on who took the survey and how they are getting paid.

The next installment of the 2015 Salary Survey Results will delve into average salaries by employment setting, specialty, education and more, so be sure to check back next month for Part 2!


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