9 Beauty Tools and Products You Should Never Share

Various beauty tools and products arranged on a vanity

There are numerous beauty tools and products available to help you get clean and feel gorgeous. But you shouldn’t go sharing them with your best friend or sister. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, since you use many of these personal care items against your bare skin or swipe them across your lips.

It’s important to keep your beauty and grooming products and tools properly sanitized. You should also toss and replace them as needed. Yet another way to stay safe and decrease the spread of germs and bacteria is to not share these items with others.

Here are nine beauty tools and products that you should keep to yourself:

1. Nail clippers

While you’re clipping your nails, your clippers can easily make contact with the area beneath the nail, exposing them to dangerous bacteria and fungal spores. Never, ever lend your clippers to someone else. Moreover, you should always be thoroughly sanitizing them after each and every use.

2. Razors

Sharing your razor head is a huge no-no. These beauty tools don’t just skim off hairs, but they also pick up surface-level grime and dead skin cells along the way. Not to mention that your razor can be exposed to blood if you accidentally cut yourself.

3. Loofah

Tons of dermatologists and other beauty experts recommend tossing your old loofah because it can become a haven for bacteria and mold. If you’re a true loofah lover, never share it with a friend because it’s one of the easiest ways to swap microscopic bodily germs.

4. Towels

Whether you’re at the gym or crashing at your best friend’s house, you should never borrow her used towel or wash cloths. Towels shouldn’t be a communal item because they can easily spread germs and bacteria. If you do need to borrow a towel, always pop it in the wash before using.

5. Makeup brushes

It may sound appealing to simply borrow your sister’s makeup brushes instead of packing your own during a weekend family getaway, but you really shouldn’t. If makeup brushes have not been properly washed and sterilized, they could potentially transfer germs to your skin, which could cause acne and other icky bacterial problems.

6. Lip balm or lipstick

Whether driving in the car or during a night out on the town, never let your friends borrow your lipstick or lip balm. It may seem innocent enough to allow your gal pal to quickly swipe your balm over her lips. However, beauty products that come into contact with your mouth may transfer bacteria, fungal infections, or even viruses like herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1).

7. Mascara

Using someone else’s mascara to fluff out your eyelashes is definitely not worth getting pink eye over. Your eyes are more vulnerable to certain types of bacterial infections than your skin is. So keep your pretty peepers safe and don’t use other people’s mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow.

8. Jar products

A lot of beauty products packaged in jars, such as lip gloss, cheek tint, or eye cream, should never be shared. With many fingers being dipped in the pot and then touching faces, lips, skin, and eyes, who knows what can be passed around.

9. Deodorant

Never, ever share stick or roll-on deodorant with anybody. Not only is it gross, but you can transfer bacteria borne from sweat.

From nail clippers and makeup brushes to towels and loofahs, keep these nine beauty products and tools to yourself and never share them with others.

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