Stay at Home Orders: How to Work With Them

Stay at Home Orders

How to Professionally Say No When Asked to Break Stay at Home Orders

Across the country, many salons and spas have complied with orders to shut their doors. As state governors aim to keep the public safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, non-essential businesses have needed to pause operations. In many states, the work of cosmetologists has been considered “non-essential”. As a result, our clients’ now face the reality of going months without treatments they deem necessary in their day to day life. What’s worse, some customers might get desperate enough to ask their local salon professionals to break stay at home orders, and some of those said professionals might just be desperate enough to do it.

For many professionals, putting our lives on the line to trim dead ends, color grays, fight wrinkles, and design pretty nails sounds foolish. But what do you do when a client asks you to break local laws and swing by for a house call? How do you address the danger of losing your license and receiving a hefty fine when others are willing to risk it all?

It’s the unfortunate reality some service providers are facing: do you take the cash and appease your client or risk upsetting someone who isn’t prioritizing your health and safety?

In a perfect world, each client would respect our decision to follow orders. However, in case you’re faced with making the difficult choice of saying no, here’s how to do so professionally:

Explain to the client that if you were to break orders, you would receive a huge fine and risk losing your license indefinitely; you wouldn’t be able to provide services when life returns to normal! And as much as you miss them and would love to help right now, it would break your heart to know that you wouldn’t legally be allowed to help them feel beautiful later on–and it could be years before you’re allowed to practice again.

Instead, offer a paid consultation or virtual walkthrough via Zoom or Facetime to help your client address their concerns at home. Whether it’s how to trim dead ends, nix a pimple, or another concern, this is a time to get creative and offer a DIY solution that abides by stay at home orders and keeps parties safe, healthy, and happy.

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