Medical Transcription Guide Is Comprehensive Re

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Medical Transcription Guide Is Comprehensive Reference

Reviewed by Petrina Crabtree, ART

Medical Transcription Guide: Do’s And Don’ts, is a comprehensive book that is certain to be a valuable reference.

This latest revision is a clear, concise, practical guide that keeps pace with the rapid changes in technology by providing all aspects of current grammar and style techniques. The book provides rules of grammar and uses examples that have been chosen from medical writings.

All aspects of grammatical rules are covered in this book. The alphabetical se-quencing arrangement and the comprehensive index of each chapter further allows the reader to research items quickly and efficiently. The arrangement of each chapter guides the reader to their specific area of research. The chapters cover a wide variety of grammar concerns including epo-nyms, abbreviations, symbols, compounds, hyphen use and word division.

The book is also organized by rule numbers. The current rule, exceptions and variations are provided along with common contradictions of the rules.

There are many reference lists added to the new appendix, including an abbre-viation and brief form mini-list, French and Latin words used in medical documents, radiological terms and both un-usual and problem words encountered in transcription.

This revision also includes chapters on the correct formats for medical reports, letters, memos and other special reports. There are chapters pertaining to laboratory values, drugs and drug references, obstetric terms, slang expressions and other unusual medical terms.

Medical Transcription Guide: Do’s And Don’ts is an excellent reference tool for even the most experienced medical transcriptionist.

* This book may be obtained from W. B. Saunders Company, 6277 Sea Harbor Dr., Orlando, FL 32821-9816; or by calling (800) 545-2522.

Petrina Crabtree is the director of medical records at TriCounty Baptist Hospital in LaGrange, KY, and a part-time instructor at Kentucky College of Business, Louisville.

Medical Transcription Guide: Do’s And Don’ts

By Marilyn Fordney, CMA-AC, CMT, and Marcy Diehl, DVE, CMA-A, CMT

W.B. Saunders Company,

1999, 619 pages

Spiral bound book, 2nd edition

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