Top 10 Statistics Regarding Telemedicine for 2018


The growth of telemedicine is undeniable, and recently Becker’s Hospital Review released 10 new, interesting statistics on the field.

Back in 2016, Becker’s predicted 7 million new patient users would be utilizing telemedicine by 2018. Here are some of their latest findings:

  • Experts believe telehealth will grow by almost 15 percent by 2020
  • Market value will hit $36 billion by 2020, compared to just $14 billion in 2013
  • Over 40 states have produced a total of 250 pieces of legislation related to telemedicine
  • More than half of all states (29) have passed laws mandating insurers to cover telemedicine services
  • Over a third of all employers with on-site healthcare offer telemedicine options. The number is expected to grow to 50 percent within a few years
  • Almost 75 percent of Americans report they are willing to schedule a telemedicine appointment
  • 60 percent of physicians are willing to hold a telemedicine appointment via video
  • More than 90 percent of healthcare executives answered that they are expanding or developing telemedicine services
  • The number of users will reach 7 million sometime this year
  • Experts predicts Americans living in rural area are set to benefit the most from these services, as telemedicine appointments will help solve the issue or traveling long distances to see a provider

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