2015 COO Salary Survey Results

Organizational consolidations and expansions and the challenges they pose have made COOs invaluable in the past year

Many operational factors such as organizational consolidations and expansions, mergers and acquisitions and more have made the healthcare market an ever-shifting chameleon in the past year. Dealing with these shifts on an external branding and identity level and an internal operations level has posed multiple challenges for hospital COOs.  In addition, the rapid growth in the sheer number of third party vendors to meet expanding operational needs, and the choices that come along with this plethora of vendor partner options, has made experienced COOs invaluable now more than ever.

Our 2015 survey reveals that 54% of COOs polled reported receiving a salary raise in the past 5 years. Though not an overwhelming number, this percentage is still demonstrative of the value COOs hold in the eyes of healthcare entities.

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